My campaign is about "We the People!"  Our current politicians seem to have forgotten that.  Every dime they spend is ours.  Every law they pass affects us directly.  We don't serve them; they serve us!  It's time We the People take our government back!  

Taxes and spending:  Taxes have a lot in common with theft, especially here in Illinois!  This is one of the main reasons I am running.  Some taxation is necessary, but elected officials should be under oath to spend it wisely and stay within a sensible budget.  I did this for 20 years in the Marine Corps, never going over budget or failing my mission.  I can do this in a legislature.  We need to make living in Illinois affordable again!  I propose to:

  • Change the state constitution to require new or higher taxes and fees to be approved by the citizens via referendum.

  • Improve our debt to AAA bond status.

  • Reduce state and local taxes (including property taxes!) to the national average.

Term Limits:  Right behind the burdensome taxes and corrupt spending, people are asking me to fix the corruption in the state legislature by fighting for term limits.  I agree 100% and will propose a bill to limit representatives and senators to no more than 10 years in those elected positions.  This will help We the People to maintain accountability over our elected officials!  Whether I am successful or not, I pledge to limit myself to no more than 10 years as a state senator.  No more Madigans!  

Policing for Profit:  The history of civil forfeiture law (also referred to as policing for profit) in the United States can be traced to admiralty and customs law and found its way into American law to combat drug trafficking in the 1970s.  However, what may seem to have been a good idea has allowed police agencies to raise extra funds by impounding personal property without due process (i.e. convictions).   This is actually unconstitutional and has clearly gotten out of control.  We don't need to control the process.  We need to end it.  


Education:  I am a political science professor at Joliet Junior College.  Education is an investment in the well being of the future.  That said, things like pension spiking and administrator pay are out of control.  Illinois spends $14,180 per pupil and barely outperforms Virginia, which spends $11,432 per pupil (Governing).  Also, special interests should not be allowed into the education setting.  They are getting in the way of actual education needs.  Lastly, we should not be passing kids who can't meet basic requirements.  Chicago is notorious for this.  This is a great disservice to our children and needs to be reformed.

The right of self-defense:  Illinois lawmakers have been notorious for trying to undermine the 2nd Amendment for a long time.  The original debates on the 2nd Amendment make it clear that gun ownership is a check against the abuses of government.  Guns are also a common-sense defense measure for people in their homes and on the street.  They are a great equalizer between men and women.  It's not enough to be able to own weapons hidden away in a safe where they are ineffective.  We the People need constitutional carry in Illinois - if you can purchase it, you can carry it!  

Life: Being pro-life is partly about speaking for others who cannot speak for themselves, especially the unborn and the elderly.  Religion and science both attest to the humanity of the unborn, so this needs to be the beginning point of discussion.  Pro-life is also pro-women.  The recent removal of basic health safety requirements to protect the women in the clinics is unconscionable!  I am for support to women and for holding men accountable, but the starting point is recognizing the human rights of the baby. 


Protecting life must necessarily include protecting the elderly from physician-assisted 'suicide.'  Studies of other countries allowing physician-assisted suicide have shown that the practice is abused to kill those who cannot speak for themselves.  The recent bills signed into law by the Socialist Democrats show just how much they have lost touch with We the People of Illinois!

Immigration:  It's easy to understand why people would want to risk their safety to come to the United States.  However, illegal immigration is inextricably tied to human trafficking, drug trafficking, rape, and other problems.  We need to find a humane solution that will keep immigrants safe as they enter our country to live and work.    


Voter integrity: Both sides say they want the same thing: one person, one vote.  This shouldn't be an issue.  Voter verification (ID) requirements ensure fair elections.  To be clear, voting is a right and responsibility of citizenship and must remain that way.  We don't want foreign influence in our elections!  

Parental Rights: Parents work hard to give their children the best start possible.  Parents, not the state, are responsible for a stable upbringing and for building character.  The State's job here is to assist parents and to protect parental rights to direct the education of their children and to make medical decisions free from government mandates.