I Will Not Comply!

Updated: May 5, 2020

After a over a month of supporting government action for the Coronavirus pandemic, it's time we start pushing back against unreasonable and unconstitutional orders passed down by our governor and the mayor of Chicago! "I Will not comply" is a statement of civil disobedience that we are done blindly following unreasonable government mandates that needlessly impinge on our liberties as human beings and as citizens of Illinois! We care about remaining safe, but we also care about our freedom!

"I will not comply" also points to the hypocrisy of the governor and the mayor in ordering us to follow rules they have no intention of abiding by themselves! Mayor Lightfoot had her hair stylist give her a haircut while telling us we can't.

Governor Pritzker is a little more aggressive with his hypocrisy. He allowed his own family to travel to Florida while simultaneously trying to deny us our Constitutional right to freedom of movement. Except for the 30-day authorization under a declared emergency, the governor has NO authority to tell us to stay home, or wear masks, or anything else. After the open Illinois Rally held on May 1st, the governor also labeled the protesters a hate group because of one (ill-advised) sign that clearly referred to him as a fascist.

"I will not comply" means I refuse to abide by a vaccine mandate just to live my life. Neither will I comply with the contact trace program, as it violates our right to privacy without a compelling and strictly limited reason to do so.

Neither am I alone in this sentiment! People across party lines are concerned about the current threat to our liberties, the loss of income, and all the side-effects from being trapped in our houses when we could safely return to work and our daily lives if only the governor would do his job rightly!

So, this Saturday I will be back at the Thompson Center in Chicago to protest the current unconstitutional police state here in Illinois. The kick-off is at 1 PM and we'll be there until 5 PM! And yes, I will have a face mask with me, but not because the governor told me to.

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